Hollywood: Do’s and Don’ts, Part 1

By Eugene Buica

* Do: Study Acting

Acting is not a skill one can just pick up on the job, nor is it — as people perceive all too often — a skill that one can learn by reading a book. Acting, like any serious pursuit, must be studied and honed in practice. Take acting classes and commit yourself fully to the work. And learn only practical tools that you can apply to auditions and on set.

* Don’t: Act for the Wrong Reasons

Some people enter careers for the wrong reasons. Maybe their parents put pressure on them to continue in the family business, or maybe they believe achieving a certain professional status will justify their existence. Same is true of acting. Do not act because you think the status of being an actor will make you special. Act because you have to, want to, love to act. Act because no other career, regardless of salary or prestige, will satisfy you and justify your time on this planet.

* Do: Love or at Least Like Yourself

Actors play many different roles, but only actors who love themselves enough not to care can actually enjoy themselves in the process. Before you start your career, get rid of everything that stands in the way of who you really are. Kick bad habits, cut ties with bad people, and learn to celebrate yourself.

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