A Brief Overview of Training Courses Offered at The Acting Corps

Located in Los Angeles, California, The Acting Corps gives its students the comprehension and practical tools to fulfill their dreams of landing acting roles in movies and television. In addition to its flagship program, The Actors’ Boot Camp, The Acting Corps also offers three other types of classes for students at different levels: the Advanced Program, the Professional Program, and the Daily Acting Workout Program.
1. The Acting Corps Advanced Program.
A six-month session, the advanced program is available either two times a week or three times a week, depending on the actor’s preference. Only auditioning actors are invited to attend the advanced program, which was designed to give working actors a deeper understanding of character and script analysis.
2. The Acting Corps Professional Program.
During this nine-month program, developed specifically for international actors, students will practice their acting skills for at least 22 hours every week. The Professional Program teaches the components of the Meisner and Chekhov acting techniques.
3. The Acting Corps Daily Acting Workout.
This program is a little different than the others. Designed for students who are enrolled in other programs at The Acting Corps, the daily acting workout takes up one hour out of every day to get the actor’s mind, body, and voice connected to whatever character he or she is trying to portray.
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